CCA is pleased to present Bird Construction and Maple Reinders with the 2017 CCA Environmental Achievement Award for their success in implementing environmentally-sound practices into their Green Cart composting facility project with the City of Calgary, the first Canadian P3 compost project that is also on target to be the first LEED® Gold V4 facility in Alberta.

One unique and defining feature of the facility is that all processing activities are enclosed within a building. Furthermore, all the curing operations are housed in a separate enclosed building which greatly mitigates the potential for fugitive odour emissions. The enclosed and odour-controlled environment also allows the operations group to optimize the duration of the phases of the composting process. By doing so, the actual throughput and overall capacity of the plant is increased with little or no capital cost.

The project team designed a force main system that takes rainwater from a pond for use in the compost process. This achieved a 50.44% reduction in potable water use and no storm water will be discharged to the municipal sanitary system.

Watch the video that was shown at the awards ceremony March 14, 2018 in Banff.

Watch the video

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