CCA is pleased to present Maple Reinders with the 2015 CCA Environmental Achievement Award for demonstrating how changes in design philosophy and an innovative process design can result in an asset that raises the bar for environmental standards.

Compared with the two existing plants, the new Sechelt Water Resource Centre (WRC) in Sechelt, B.C., uses nearly half the energy and has the capacity to treat twice the volume. Its secondary treatment process employs the Organica™ Fed Batch Reactor (FBR) system, which uses growing plants to enhance the treatment process. Architecturally, this system cleverly disguises the wastewater plant as a greenhouse and botanical garden.

The Sechelt WRC is home to 3,000 – 4,000 species of organisms, as opposed to 600 – 800 in the typical Activated Sludge WWTP. And with 3 – 4 times as many “hungry mouths” consuming the nutrient and contaminant content in the wastewater, the Sechelt WRC has a 40% smaller physical footprint than an Activated Sludge WWTP for the same quantity and quality influent. In addition, reclaimed water is used for washdown, equipment backwash and toilets, reducing potable water consumption from 50 cubic metres per day to 7. Much of the underground pipe infrastructure was repurposed for reclaimed water use.
Typically about 50% of the energy consumed by a WWTP is used by the blowers to pump air into the water and keep the biomass alive and in suspension. Since oxygen transfer in clearer water is more efficient, this means that less air is required to keep the ecosystem alive. The blowers in this facility consume significantly less power for the same quality and quantity of wastewater. A compact mechanical system layout minimizes the energy required for pumps and domestic water heat transfer between equipment. The sewage is used as a heat sink and provides most heating and cooling for the building. All this results in 48% energy savings, and rooftop solar panel system can provide 10% of plant power demand on peak sunny days.

Watch the video that was shown at the awards ceremony March 9, 2016 in New Orleans.

Watch the video

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