CCA is pleased to present Boehmers with the 2016 CCA Excellence in Innovation Award for creating a strong culture of innovation which has resulted in an effective, more environmental product.

To reduce their carbon footprint, Boehmers partnered with McGill University to research and develop the Carboclave block, which successfully modified concrete block manufacturing to additionally serve as a carbon ‘sink.’ It uses industry-recovered CO2 for the enhanced curing of concrete.

For the Carboclave product, Paul Hargest provided $200,000+ to complement government funding, as well as the use of the Hargest manufacturing plant. Proof of concept was first carried out at the laboratory scale, then scaled-up to pilot trials, and finally implemented at the commercial scale.

In spring 2016, after meeting all the engineering and manufacturing benchmarks, the Carboclave block was introduced to the market and today makes up a full 50% of Boehmers’ production. Each standard masonry block (20 cm) cured via Carboclave technology sequesters an average 0.7 lbs of CO2. This is equivalent to embedding 680 g of nano-CaCO3 crystals within the block. The nano-CaCO3 precipitates effectively reinforce the hardened cement paste lending the final concrete product better mechanical performance and improved durability.

Watch the video that was shown at the awards ceremony March 22, 2017 in Mexico.

Watch the video

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