CCA is pleased to present Winnipeg Construction Association (WCA) with the 2018 CCA Gold Seal Association Award for its dedication in working with Gold Seal at the committee level, in addition to its ongoing support of the program at its own offices.

The Gold Seal Certification program supports the development of skilled construction & heavy civil management professionals across Canada and the award recognizes an association that has gone above and beyond in bringing this program to its members.

The WCA has made great strides in making industry education and Gold Seal Certification a top priority in 2018. Through their extensive education program, their dedicated team provides a variety of online and in-person courses – many which are Gold Seal accredited. Having launched a new website, WCA took the opportunity to promote the Gold Seal program, highlighting the designations, the benefits of certification, and the path to achieving certification. The WCA also actively promotes the Gold Seal program through their online newsletter, their magazine and social media. They also support the monthly webinar program through consistent promotion and endorsement.

Consistently landing in the top reporting associations for applications and graduates each year, they have also continued to grow their number of applicants significantly. A proactive association, they took the initiative to help their members apply for the Gold Seal exam by creating their own interactive checklist, which helps their members calculate and track their Gold Seal credits, giving them a better understanding of where they stand in the process.

Their active participation on the Gold Seal Committee, and staff commitment to understanding and presenting the program has been a significant asset to the program. As Gold Seal moved towards its online platform, Winnipeg Construction Association was one of the first associations to offer its support, eagerly offering its services as the platform went through its many stages of testing.

Watch the video that was shown at the awards ceremony March 27, 2019 in Bermuda.

Watch the video

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