CCA is pleased to present the Vancouver Regional Construction Association (VRCA) with the 2018 CCA Partner Association Award for its work in addressing the individual members’ needs in education and communication, leading to increased engagement and its commitment to bringing new people into the industry.

VRCA’s education program offers more than 65 classroom and upwards of 300 online courses per year. Its annual Construction Leadership Forum – now in its eighth year – is designed specifically to address the education needs of the industry’s middle-management tier.

In order to keep members up to date on its advocacy work, VRCA built topic-specific webpages to capture and share the status of its work. As a result, in the last 12 months, VRCA has grown member engagement on industry topics by 15 percent.

Since 2015, VRCA has partnered with 14 high schools and engaged more than 3,700 students. Its goal is to engage all elementary and secondary schools across the Lower Mainland.

In 2018, VRCA launched Canada’s first and only Zero Emissions Building Exchange (ZEBx), a collaborative platform to strengthen the public, private and civic capacities to deliver zero emissions buildings through relevant education, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, solutions-focused dialogues and access to a curated library of best practices.

Watch the video that was shown at the awards ceremony March 27, 2019 in Bermuda.

Watch the video

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